Opinion Mining Tweets

The key aim of this project was to explore the potential value to researchers of political behaviour of using text mining tools to extract the semantic content of twitter feeds, e.g. people, places, topics and opinions. We chose the topic of the Alternative Vote (AV) referendum, held in the UK in May 2011. 

People involved: Rob Procter, Rachel Gibson, Marta Cantijoch, Bill Black, Mike Thelwall, Andy Hudson-Smith, Steven Gray, Alex Voss. We would also like to acknowledge the contributions to the work of coding the corpus of: Paul Hepburn, Rebecca Rhead, Steve Cooke, Jinrui Pan, Jessica Symons, Stephanie Rinaldi, Stefanie Doebler, Rosalynd Southern, Jan Lorenz, Cheryl-Ann Anderson.

We would also like to thank methods@manchester for funding this work.

Reading the Riots

Our first major project has been a collaboration with the Guardian and LSE on analysing tweets from the time of the August riots as part of their Reading the Riots investigation. The results of our work were published in the Guardian of 8th December 2011 and are available on the Guardian's website as along with an interactive visual

People involved: Rob Procter, Farida Vis, Alex Voss, Yana Manyukhina, Marta Cantijoch, Mike Thelwall, Andy Hudson-Smith, Stephen Gray. We also would like to acknowledge the contributions to the work of coding the riots corpus of: Mary Bourne,  Phil Brooker, Steve Cooke, Daniel Martos Nebrera, Dr Paul Reilly, Stephanie Rinaldi, Ghalia Sarmani, Patricia Scalco, Rosalynd Southern, Dr Scott Wright, Yimei Zhu.

We are grateful to the JISC for providing support for this work.

Workbench Development

This project, funded by JISC, will develop the existing Twitter analysis workbench, integrating a range of new tools and migrating it to a fully cloud-based infrastructure. The requirements will be provided through a series of driver social research projects. More details of these will follow shortly. The project is a collaboration with the COSMOS team.

People involved: Rob Procter, Anita Greenhill, Alex Voss, Ewan Klein, Marie Gillespie, Andy Hudson-Smith, Mark Birkin, Mike Thelwall, Miranda Taylor, Steven Gray.

Our latest project with the Guardian newspaper is a tool to help its Olympics sports journalists mine Twitter for tweets to feed into the Guardian's Second Screen Experience

People involved: Alex Voss, Ewan Klein, Rob Procter, Miranda Taylor, Lars Kotthof, Ash Ings Lamb, Phil Brooker.

This project, which is joint with COSMOS is funded by the joint ESRC-Data Analytics Social Science Research programme. The aim is to develop a probabilistic model-based methodology and computational tool to inform the social scientific interpretation of the formation and spread of hate speech and antagonistic content in social media networks, as well as its consequences and reactions to it.

This project is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. It brings together a multi-disciplinary group to explore a range of humanitarian and new media initiatives. It aims during its course to build a network of practitioners, scholars and social media users interested in this area.