Rob Procter coordinates the Analysing Social Media collaboration. See below for a brief introduction to individual members. Information about which projects they are contributing to can be found on the Projects page. 

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Rob Procter
Rob Procter
Rob is Professor of Social Informatics in the Department of Computer Science, University of WarwickOne of his main interests is interdisciplinary research into new methods and tools for social research. Rob is co-editor with Peter Halfpenny of 'Innovations in Digital Research Methods' to be published by Sage in 2013.  

Alex Voss
Alex is a Lecturer in Software Engineering in the School of Computer Science at the University of St Andrews. His main interests are distributed systems and their use for collaborative work. As a member of the St Andrews Co-laboratory on Cloud Computing (StACC), he is looking mainly at the use of cloud computing in research, in particular in social science research. 

Marie is Professor of Sociology at The Open University and Co-Director of the Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change. She researches diasporic and national cultures comparatively and historically. Recent projects include an exploration of the politics of security via a collaborative ethnography of transnational news cultures in eight UK cities and a study of the BBC World Service as a multi-diasporic institution. Marie was recently awarded an AHRC Public Policy Fellowship.

Anita is is a Senior Lecturer at the Manchester Business School, University of Manchester. She is currently researching the changing role of the city, local communities and their use of community news media in the digital age.

Ewan is Professor of Language Technology in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. He is a member of the Institute for Language, Cognition and Computation, the Centre for Intelligent Systems and their Applications and the Language Technology Group.

Mike researches webometrics and sentiment analysis in the Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group, University of Wolverhampton.

Rachel Gibson
Rachel Gibson
Rachel is Professor of Political Science at the Institute for Social Change (ISC), University of Manchester. She has worked in the area of new media and politics since finishing her PhD at Texas A&M University in the U.S. Her research interests cover a range of topics including political communication, parties, election campaigning and participation. She is particularly interested in how elections, political organisations and individuals are adapting to the new media age.

Andy Hudson Smith
Andrew Hudson-Smith
Andy is Director, Head of Department and Deputy Chair of the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), he is Editor-in-Chief of Future Internet Journal, an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Course Founder and Director of the MRes in Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation at University College London.

Rob is an Associate Professor at the Australian National University, where he conducts empirical social science research into online social and organizational networks. He leads the Virtual Observatory for the Study of Online Networks project (, coordinates the ANU's Master of Social Research programme and teaches on the social science of the Internet and online research methods. His book titled Web Social Science (SAGE Publications) is due out in April 2013.

Marta Cantijoch
Marta Cantijoch
Marta is a Research Associate in the Institute for Social Change at the University of Manchester, where she works on the project CODE (Comparing Online Democracy and Elections). Her main research focus is on political participation, electoral campaigns, and the effects of new media. 

Yana Manyukhina
Yana Manykhina 
Yana has a BA International Relations from Baku State University, Azerbaijan (2009) and an MA Mass Communications, University of Leicester, UK (2011), both with distinction. Her research interests include: research methods for the social sciences, specially applied to issues around health communication, food, nutrition and public health, food advertising and food media, food policies, consumer research, brands and culture. She is keen to pursue a PhD in this area.

Lars is a research fellow at the University of St Andrews. His main research interest is in Artificial Intelligence and ways of dynamically and automatically selecting problem-solving methods, but he also likes to play around with lots of data and visualise it.

Miranda Taylor
Miranda has an MSc in computational linguistics, programming expertise in Python and Java, and is familiar with NLP and machine learning libraries / tools such as NLTK, Weka and MALLET. She is responsible for developing Twitter clustering code in Python and for evaluating different techniques and algorithms for mining the Twitter stream.

Clare Llewellyn 

Clare is a PhD student at the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh researching user added content on the internet. This work includes the analysis of text created through social media to define a structure for this content and enable users to access appropriate information. In general, she is interested in digital libraries, computational linguistics, text analysis, data and text mining.

Steven Gray
Steven Gray
Steve is a Research Associate at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA). He has build many geographical analysis software such as SurveyMapper and Tweet-o-Meter which has featured on the Discovery Channel and CNN's coverage of the Japanese Tsunami. His current research interests include Big Data collection and analysis, mobile software development, accessible web development with a focus on Social Media, Web based Mapping and Ubiquitous Computing.

Ash Ings-Lamb 
Ash is a research assistant at the the University of St Andrews, and holds an MA Philosophy and MSc Management and Information Technology. He is working on a Twitter spam filter using Python as well as conducting research into the use of cloud resources for teaching social simulation.

Marzieh Asgari-Targhi
Marzieh is a Philosopher with a PhD in Cognitive and Computing Sciences. She is interested in reasoning and learning. In the past few years she has worked on the uptake of new computational methods in the sciences and the social sciences in particular. She is a visiting fellow in the School of Computer Science at the University of St Andrews. 

Sandra is a sociologist and a Research Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute. She is interested in online networks and political participation. Her current projects analyse digitally-coordinated social movements, engagement in online communities and measures of public opinion extracted from written communication.  

Maire Evans (@MaireAByrne) is a PhD student at Southampton University’s Web Science Doctoral Training Centre. She has been researching how to create successful, thoughtful and responsive non-technologically determined policy for Cybersecurity. She is now looking at crime data (including cybercrime data) and social media in order to further understand web-mediated conceptions and analysis of crime, crime reporting, prevention and detection.